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MHC: Printer Repair Request

This form is for campus printer repair requests for printers covered under the Lewan printer maintenance contract.

Please submit printer installation/configuration requests via the regular Mines Help Center Request Form for issues such as:

  • Consistent/repeat paper jams
  • Paper feed or feed tray problems
  • Poor image quality
  • General need for maintenance
  • Other printer hardware issues

Please submit general Mines Help Center Requests via the regular Mines Help Center Request Form.
Please submit work orders for Telecommunication services via the Telecommunications Work Request form.
Please submit work orders for campus Construction, Maintenance and Environmental Health & Safety needs via the Facilities Management web site.
Please submit questions for the Library via the Library web site.
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Submit Printer Repair Request to the Mines Help Center

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Printer Repair Request Details

*Short Description of Printer Repair Request: [?]
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*Serial Number: [?]
Lewan Sticker Number (if available): [?]
Short, descriptive explaination
of your Printer Repair problem.
Printer Location:
Include building & room number
where the printer is physically located.
Make and Model Number:
Include the printer brand & model number.
This can be found on the "Configuration Page" that
is ac cessed via the MENU on the printer.
Serial Number:
This can be found on the "Configuration Page"
that is accessed via the MENU on the printer.
Lewan Sticker Number:
A silver tag with black lettering, placed on
each printer when Lewan works on a
printer. Usually located on the FRO NT of the printer.
Specific Printer Problem Description:
- What is the problem?
E.g. paper jams (where?), streaks, not pulling from
tray, broken door.
- Please include any error codes.
- What do you think needs replacing or repaired?

   *Specific Printer Problem Description: [?]

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